Do I need to leave my current religion to join The Way of Truth?
No, The Way of Truth is a non-denominational spiritual school open to all faiths and seekers.

Do you worship Mr. Owens?
No. Mr. Owens is the spiritual leader of The Way of Truth and the author of the spiritual teachings.

How do you know your experiences are real?
In the case of spiritual experiences, you begin to "know" as you progress; you will  just "know" they are real. Likewise, you will be with others having similar experiences which will help you understand the changes you are enjoying. The laboratory of spirit is ultimately your own consciousness.

How will your teachings help me in daily life?
As you learn to live from your heart, you find every aspect of your daily life enhanced. You will develop greater inner peace and a strong, internally felt connection with the Holy Spirit. You will find greater and greater love in all aspects of your life. Your relationships with family, friends and others will take on a new, more beautiful quality.

Does my family have to join also?
No, not at all. Only those that are interested may wish to join.

Why do I need these teachings to reach God?
You don't. The road to God is open to all seekers. The Way of Truth can, though, speed you along your way very quickly and bring you home to the heart of God during your lifetime.

Why should I become a Friend?  Can't I find God without joining The Way of Truth?
Becoming a Friend offers an opportunity to grow with a group of spiritually committed seekers. 

How can your teachings truly be a connecting point for all faiths?
The Way of Truth will show the serious seeker the underlying unity of all faiths. Divisions which keep mankind in constant religious turmoil will melt away as the hidden hand of God is seen behind all things