What is The Way of Truth?

A Path into Your Heart
Very simply, The Way of Truth is a road into the deepest recesses of your own heart, to the sacred place where God alone resides.

Inspired writings to lead you home to God
The teachings of The Way of Truth are based on books and discourses written by Michael Edward Owens. These inspired teachings represent a renewed spirit of what it means to love and to worship God. Too often the religions of today have become mired in tradition, social concerns and judgement. The original spirit of the founders has been often lost, leaving seekers wondering if what they have been taught is all there is to God. Mr. Owens' teachings are a beacon in the night for those who know in their hearts that there is more to the experience of God.

A school for serious God Seekers
The Way of Truth is viewed as a school by many while for many others it is their primary religion.  It is a place where the serious God seeker will find a never ending curriculum. The classes are for all who love or who want to love God.  And like any teaching, those who put in the most time and effort will make the most progress.