What We Offer

Experience new heights of Love every day
The Way of Truth offers the participant the opportunity to find new vistas of love within his or her own heart. Teachings and exercises abound in the books of Michael Owens. Just visit our book section and you will find an array of titles. Some books are written with a specific religion in mind while others touch on a variety of spiritual teachings.  Additionally, some books are more focused on esoteric truths. Take time to read the descriptions before considering making a purchase. In fact, you can download a free chapter from the books before you decide. The curious seeker will find a variety of new vistas to explore.

Want to delve even deeper into the Heart of God?
The Way of Truth also offers more intensive study for those interested in becoming a Friend. Becoming a Friend does not mean leaving your current religion.  We want you to grow with us in whatever manner you are comfortable with. Please see our section on becoming a Friend of The Way of Truth.