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To listen to the recording of the inaugural Agape teleconference with Sri Michael Owens,  call the playback number, 515.603.3182, and enter meeting ID/access number, 156011#. The reference number is 21#.

The Way of Truth holds a number of events via teleconference, online and in-person throughout the year. Please see the calendar below for upcoming events and activities. Click on the categories below to see events within each of the specific categories offered. For Friends-only events, please login to the Friends site. 

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Sunday HU Song & National Teleconference 515.603.3182 AC 156011#

Sep 17

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

515.603.3182 156011#

HU Song - Singing HU connects our hearts with the heart of God. An inspirational reading of Sri Michael’s writings precedes the group’s singing of The HU in a continuous, rolling fashion. Each Sunday at 11:00-11:20 AM ET / 8 AM PT. . . . . . Weekly Sunday National Teleconference Book Discussion – Delves into the heart of spiritual truth and wisdom found in the writings of Michael Edward Owens. His book, Paramitas: The Gathering of Many Rivers is being studied. . . . We look forward to your joining us in this discussion each Sunday... HU Song, Leader: A-Na. 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT Paramitas, Ch.10, Pages 176-181 Facilitators: Cynthia/Carlton, Host: Paula …. 515.603.3182 Access Code: 156011# Press *6 to mute and un-mute your line. Thank you!