Sincere Devotion

"The Concept of Sincere Devotion to the Most Merciful Allah Sincere devotion to the Most Merciful Allah comes naturally to one who moves beyond mental imaginings and beliefs and truly feels and embraces the essence of the joy that rushes into the open arms and heart of the human beloved.

When one's heart hears and answers the call of Allah, one will never again be the same. As a butterfly breaks free of itsself-created confinement after a long period of lustful, greedy gobbling up of the nourishment it needs for future sustainability, soul will fly free with devotion in its natural evolution.

When soul has thus heard the call and heeded the direction as given here and in the other holy works of Allah, then the human being who hosts the awakened soul must discipline all the bodies, Inner and Outer, to meet its further calls and demands to maintain and press forward.

Sincere devotion involves the giving up of the old ways by casting off the outworn cocoon. Transition may involve pain if the soul holds the past and its remnants with attachment and doubt. Allah must enter the body of the human host from the top down. It does little good to impose and follow rules by robotic motions for the sake of abiding by a set of laws and the hopes of others. Such actions may seem correct to the so-called righteous, but it breeds slavery, resentment, war, and death.

Allah has created all souls freely, to live and choose freely. Societies that have legislated piety and devoted prayer and action create a schism within the heart and breast of the young and not yet ready soul. Force is the way of the dark side, not Allah. Sincere devotion grows as roses in the sun; with enough, but not too much water, nutrients, and fertile soil, the queen of flowers will bloom and give freely of its heavenly fragrance and beauty. So too will the soul who is free to discover its time and readiness to live the life of devotion to Allah."

Messengers of God, pg 70.