Art Gallery

"Art and literature are the expression of God through the faculties of mankind--in other words, this is how God speaks to the world. Art is the Face of God and literature His Voice; they are entwined and synergistic to the propagation of spiritual understanding in the physical worlds. Who has not seen the great cathedrals of the Roman Catholic churches with their frescoes, mosaics, sculptures, and stained glass artistry? Who is not deeply moved by the songs, sermons, and the Word of the Holy Books? If religion was simply to sit in a bare room with a book on your lap and a prayer in your mouth, there would be no Inspiration. Do you understand that God is the breath of inspiration and that artists and writers are His Holy Messengers? The human heart cannot fully beat without inspiration, without movement toward the heavens on eloquently spoken and written words, without music, without visual splendor ~ without all that, the heart merely thuds along, blind and deaf. Art and literature are life forces, dear Brethren. I will let you ponder the rest of this meaning for yourselves."
from The Crown of Thorns, Page 88

We hope you will be inspired by our expressions of God's Love through Art.