Artist Statements



John Allen
"Art is the expression of Soul.  Art can transport one from the finite to the infinite like nothing else because it reaches into the inner worlds and brings back a reflection for us to enjoy in the physical.  All can touch this realm for it is our birthright as Soul."

Norman Biggers
"This is what I have experienced and manifested with Poetry; when it comes from the Heart Center, it gives freedom for Love to Speak."

Paula Jean Greene
"Macro Close-Ups of Remarkable Blooms Become Heavenly Mantras to be touched by the Love of God Through the Immortalized Blossom! The Play of Color, Sun/Light, and Form, are what attract me to Photograph Flowers. The "Discoveries" Materialize as I Search for Petals to be cropped to highlight their Exquisiteness."

Nancy V. Sims
"I simply wanted to express the wholeness and healing powers of Divine LOVE in my art. I use symbolic images to convey the visions. Examples of some symbolic images used are eagles/courage, doves/peace, the ancient phoenix/the rise of unconditional love, and the mighty sun /The Source."

David Dennard
"It was my privilege to travel to Antarctica in February of 2013. Though one can anticipate what he will find, he cannot comprehend the magnificence of that discovery until he steps on those icy shores.  My usual medium is black and white photography, but I have chosen to also include color images in this presentation. The art for these types of color images is to have adequate equipment to capture the image and the sensibility to point the camera in the right direction. Composition serves to focus on what God has already presented to us and to share that with the viewer. I need add nothing other than that for He has already done the work. However, in the case of black and white photography, the absence of color, if used wisely, can create a new space that can then be filled with the mystery of the Holy Spirit."