Prayer and contemplation are like a purifying fire that lights up the SOUL. A sincere prayer is to Soul like a fire that burns weeds from a field - it leaves a clean path for fresh green grasses to grow. Prayer done the right way is a daily form of RENEWAL; it is a chance to be re-born each day as a new person and leave the old life behind. Many do not know the secret of true prayer as counsel between the Beloved and Its CREATOR. They do not know that one pure second alone with GOD has the power to recreate an entire life. If they knew this, they would be in constant prayer to see the miracles of change happen all around them. But it is not so easy to seduce GOD to come to Thy Holy Chamber. You must be selfless and sincere, without want or demand. Then why pray if you ask for nothing? We did not say you must ask for nothing; you must ask for GOD and GOD ALONE. Your Father knows of your daily needs, concerns, wants and desires better than you know them yourself for GOD sees what is coming as well as what has been and WHAT IS. It is not necessary to give GOD your list of needs. All will be taken care of when you come to the hearth of the Divine with no agenda other than to seek and know GOD. Rest your burdens, lay down your cares for your Father knows of your heartache and does not require you to cry out in pain before He will answer. Simply surrender and say, "GOD, I am here. I want to know you. I open my heart to you." Then sing one of the Holy Words until the Beloved doth respond. Have faith in GOD'S response, for IT IS VERY NEAR.

The Wisdom Column

September, 2013

Michael Edward Owens