Humility, The Road to Spiritual Greatness

Serbian or French


None come to God but by the bowing of their heads, for ITS Light is so fierce, it would burn their eyes blind. One must bow before Greatness, for only then can you be lifted up to see the heavens and stars. All great souls have small desires and no demands; they walk with the sun at their back into the length of their shadows. I have never known a proud soul, for such a one cannot reach the handle of my door, so high is it, and so low are their hands. The hardest thing in this world is to be humble, and it is the downfall of humanity and the reason they stay embroiled in mental and emotional conflict.  The ego will have its way, even with those most trusted by GOD, for the voice of the mind is deafening for those in power of any kind. Do you not know that even the most high among you must fight the devil of their mind each and every day? There is always temptation and the higher one goes, the stronger it is. The difference between a Saint and the common man is that the Saint fights harder than anyone else to hear the voice of their soul over the din of their ego. Do not pride yourself to think that once you reach the ladder to heaven that all your sins are behind you, for they will stay and keep you company until you reach the God Worlds where no sin is allowed and all darkness of the self must be cast into the fires of the Holy Spirit and burned to ashes. Bring me those ashes and I will anoint you with them so that you may look into my face as a fully realized soul. Only the humblest of the humble will ever see the face of the Lord, in prayer, upon their knees. Those who stand proudly will not see the Lord; He will pass them by like a great wing over their head, and He will visit the one who kneels in His name. With that one, God will touch their head and raise them up, and walk with them by the River Jordan until the sun sets upon this world and rises in the next. And there, that humble servant will be first at the table of the Lord and all others will wait upon him and know who their brother is, and see what they can become.