Why Does Love for God Lead to True Happiness?

Love and happiness are like bees and honey ~ happiness is the nectar of the flower of love, and it becomes honey, or real love, when it is extracted from the blossom, or heart, of GOD. All other forms of love are vanity based and self-love seeking for validation through others.  Love for GOD is transformational, so that when you love GOD first, all other forms of love are purified and raised to the level of the DIVINE. For instance, in a relationship, you will see your beloved in a higher light when you declare your love for GOD before all else. Then when you take the hand of your beloved they will take on a divine aspect and you will see and feel GOD's Holy Presence in your union. To be truly happy in this world, you must first be like the honey bee that is drawn to the ever-blossoming heart of GOD and extract from IT the pure essence of LOVE. But there is more to it than this ~ the essential KEY to happiness is to RETURN THAT LOVE TO GOD. You maysimply declare aloud your love for GOD in any words or gestures that come from your heart. Each day, tell GOD that you love IT for ITSELF and be grateful for that LOVE IN RETURN. For GOD returns all love thatis given to ITS HOLY HEART and that love is PURE JOY AND HAPPINESS.