Serving God Through Others


To serve God first is to honor the Divinity in each soul you encounter. Recognize that they are sparks of God's love for all of life and that they reflect back to you all that YOU are, have been, and will be. Serving God first is to show kindness, respect and generosity to all those who cross your path, especially those souls who have become weary of the material life and have fallen by the wayside. It is especially important to lift those souls up and offer them your help, love, and compassion. When you serve another human being in this way, you have chosen to serve the God within them. You are honoring their inherent Divinity and bringing it back to life in their own consciousness. When you treat another person with respect, you are reminding them that they are worthy in the eyes of God, and that they are part of the family of God. We are all sons and daughters of the Great Heavenly Father and it is our duty to remind each other of this holy and sacred truth. When we lift each other up and point the way back to God, we are serving our Heavenly Father in the highest aspect.