Realizing God


God-Realization is to know and feel your innate oneness with the Creator and for there to be no more barriers to understanding your relationship with divine love, mercy, compassion, giving of self, and true service and surrender. It is the removal of the outer personality ~ controlled by mind and ego ~ and the blossoming of the holy Atma; the soul, spirit and Life Force within each incarnated being. It is to walk as a Godman on Earth; to see with spiritual eyes that which human eyes cannot detect; and to feel with the heart that which the emotions cannot embrace. Remember that the emotions are not what comprise the contents of your heart; emotions are only the outer expression of the personality. True love is not an emotion ~ it is the natural condition of the heart that has been suppressed and disguised by the machinations of a runaway ego. True love can be felt only when the emotions are calmed like a storm that comes to rest. Then the light of God-Realization begins to seep into the consciousness; when divine love enters the heart for the first time.