"Falling in Love" is a very real condition because most people think they love someone when in fact it is only physical or sexual attraction, and they immediately descend into their lower bodies, thus they "fall" in love. Where God is absent, there is no love; there is only the fall from grace into animal passion. When you see God in the face of your beloved, and when you find God in their presence, and express love and joy for God in your union, then you are in Real Love with that person. If you want only to kiss and make love to them to satisfy a temporary passion, that is not love, but a facsimile of it, and it will bind you both more tightly to the Lower Worlds. Love can set you free, but it can also make you miserable. How do you know it is Real Love with another soul?

When that soul awakens the love for God within you, then you have found true love.