Wisdom from Saint Paul

Francais (June)


St. Paul of Tarsus:

There must be a basic faith or belief in the goodness of life and of all things in creation, or how can one serve what one does not believe? And how do we gain faith? By the experience of the living God within us. I was struck down on the road to Damascus by a violent vision of the Risen Christ. He asked me why I was persecuting him. I heard and saw and thought nothing outside of that vision of Divine Love and Mercy. It was the calling to my heart that was felt and understood. It was the experience of the hand of God upon my body and soul that was real and true. Thus I had faith in my own experience of GOD and all truth and love that came from it. And I went forth with that tremendous faith and preached the Gospel of Christ all over Christendom; all over the lands of Canaan and of the Romans and Jews and Greeks. I was filled with a fire so great it could not be put out but only grew more powerful as I spread the word of God as spoken through His Divine Son. My faith carried me through the pits of persecution and punishment and brought me to the banks of the River Jordan where I fell on my knees in humility and gratitude. My heart literally burst with my faith in God and so was I able to establish the Churches of the Gospel of Christ as it is known in history; for my preaching brought the Church of God to Earth as His Divine Son had intended. Jesus knew that I had the fire within me that could perpetuate His teachings more profoundly than any of the original Apostles and so he struck me down in Damascus and gave me a new life with a new purpose. I could not have fulfilled that purpose without the faith that had come from my own experience on that day. Each of us must have our own knowledge of GOD within us. Only then can we go forward and serve Him rightfully with every ounce of our faith, hope and love.