What is Faith in God?



What is Faith in GOD?

The tragedies of war and conflict currently at large on the world stage are testing the boundaries of our faith in God. At a time of enormous loss and bereavement, such faith is sorely tested. Many are too shattered to find wholeness again; their faith is lost.

What is faith in God? It is the shining pinnacle of our determination to see the hand of the Lord in all things and to accept all things as part of our Father's plan for us and for the world we live in. Only God understands the individual hearts of men and women and why they are here and what they came to learn. It is not up to us to judge and say WHY, but to surrender all cares at the feet of mercy and know there is a reason for all that occurs under the heavens, and that God has not abandoned us, but cries with us for every lost soul, for every single tear fallen from a broken heart.

Our Father has given us free will to design our own fate; when we make the choice for love, all is well and we have no complaints of our Father. But too often our choices take us on a dark journey to the cold side of the world. Our choices may not be evident in this lifetime, they may carry over from previous sojourns here, but in the end the fate we meet rests at our own door. It is not God that chooses our destiny; we are the creators of all we see and experience here.

To have faith in God is to know that we are co-creators with Him. And that is not to say that we are alone with our creation or that God does not care if we suffer for our choices. But it means to accept and surrender to all that is and know that nothing happens by chance and nothing is thrust upon us from an angry or fearsome God. Does this mean we must never fight for what is right and just accept our fate? No, for courage and valor are part of the armor we wear as warriors for God. To accept and surrender means to not judge a thing, but recognize it as part of the Father's plan for all life on Earth.

Everything is connected by a Divine cord of Love that stretches unto infinity; it can never be broken. All that seems lost or forgotten is held close to the heart of the Lord, for He sees the smallest feather of a bird's wing and even the drop of dew that rests upon it. Nothing escapes the attention of the Lord Thy God and all will be revealed to us when the road of this life comes to an end and we find ourselves at the threshold of the gates of heaven.