Wisdom from St. Peter, the Disciple



St. Peter the Disciple:

When Jesus said to me, "Upon this rock I shall build my Church," he was referring not to me personally, but to FAITH. The Master believed that faith was the necessary foundation upon which all of His teachings were based and upon which His Church must be built. I was the one who denied Him three times through lack of faith and I was the one He chose to lead His Church because He knew that the pain I suffered from my denial of Him was so great as to never be repeated. I would never falter again. And I never did. I carried my faith with me unto the court of Nero and suffered death by crucifixion in which I was placed upside down on the Cross. I could not abide dying in the same way as my Master; I was not His equal, only His servant. Through my death, or martyrdom, the Risen Christ was honored around the world and the great Basilica of Saint Peter was built as a monument and testament to His Eternal Teachings on Earth and in Heaven. My service to the Son of God could never have been successful were it not for the Faith he bestowed upon me and for the Faith He inspired within me. It was Faith that carried us ~ Paul, Mark, Luke, Matthew, John, and the rest ~ to write the Gospels and spread the teachings of Christ in a world hostile to the crucified Son of Man. Many of us were persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, and put to death. But nothing could destroy the great Faith burning in our hearts, the fires of which blazoned ever more fiercely upon our deaths. The holy fires of faith have continued to burn throughout the centuries since Christ walked this Earth; a testament to The Eternal Sacred Heart of Jesus.      

Nothing would have been accomplished without The Rock of God for it is upon that Rock that the entire Christian religion has been built and through which many people of many faiths have found salvation, hope, peace and the answers to the mysteries of GOD. The real Christian religion is not the one being practiced today; the real and true Christianity is the esoteric, hidden teachings of Christ. This is the Church upon which I stand and beneath which exists the Rock of Ages ~ The Faith of GOD that is ever burning in the hearts of all true believers.