The Power Within the Word "Love"


Francais (Septembre) (Octobre)

Love is a word that has been bandied about in the human mind for so long and in so many ways that it has completely lost its meaning in these Lower Worlds. Love between man and woman has become a contest of wills and desires, rather than a partnership founded in love for God first and then each other. The only truly pure love in this world is that of a mother or father for their child, when that love is given freely and selflessly, and has no karmic weights to drag it down. Often, souls are born into the same family to work off their debts and differences with one another and can be some of the least loving relationships that exist. Many times, real love comes from friendships between people who choose to be in each others lives. For love is not a given, it is a choice you make to commit yourself to someone or to something. When you say outwardly, "I love you" to another soul, you have made a commitment to them and if you break that trust, you incur negative karma. This is why I say that the word "love" has been bandied about recklessly by the human spirit and has caused more pain than it has resolved. If you lie to another person about love and make a pretense of it, you are breaking spiritual law, and you are creating a karmic tie to that person that cannot be unbroken without a lot of effort and pain. Remember that the word Love is POWERFUL and has its own energetic resonance, and is its own Entity. Love is more than a feeling, for that is part of the emotional body that you shed one day; Love IS its own self. Love has Being and a life, and it lives where it is given and shared for its own sake. Love has the power to create and to destroy; it will create miracles for those who express it wisely and honestly, and it will destroy those who use it in ignorance, or with the intent to manipulate others.