Contemplation versus Prayer


Contemplation differs from prayer (talking to God) or meditation (quieting the mind to listen to God) and works well alone or in conjunction with them. Contemplation is an active form of engaging the mind in activity aligned with Soul. It can release Soul from its strangleholds and result in number of different things, including the Light and Sound of Universal Soul Movement. One can contemplate any God, sacred writings, or questions posed to the Inner Masters to free Soul to wander the higher realms and reconnect in full awareness with God. When in true contemplation, the mind relaxes and quiets so that its strong signals do not interfere with the perception of Soul on the higher Inner Planes. When Soul perceives directly, without emotions, thoughts, and beliefs tied to the social consciousness weighing it down, it remembers its true origin in the Heart of God and begins its journey home in true and full freedom and love. Know that Soul, not mind, emotions, and the Physical Body is your true self and awaken your true potential! This is the jewel, the truth, and the key to divine love, freedom and Soul's return to the Oneness in full awareness. This accelerates the evolutionary process of the Discovery of Self!