Finding God Within

Man in his natural state has always had the ability to move beyond the physical consciousness and to see into the true worlds of spirit. He was given a homing device by the One True Father that is part of his basic genetic code, or DNA. This is like a "golden cord" that connects soul to its Father and divine origins at all times. That cord has been seriously compromised by the religious rhetoric forced upon humanity by the Church and its leaders who have largely used religion not to help man reunite with his spiritual heritage and freedom, but to keep him controlled and enslaved by the power of greed that has seeped into the foundation of the major religions of this earth. The attempt to keep humanity in darkness has given great power to the spiritual leaders of these faiths who have demanded more and more money and obedience to keep their religious dynasties strong and powerful. The Church has long held an iron grip upon the consciousness of humanity; it is time now to relax that vise and for mankind to resume its own unique and sacred relationship with God and heaven.From earliest times, Spirit has worked with the heart of each person on earth to keep their golden cord to God strong and vibrating with the Light and Sound that will naturally guide and pull them back to the arms of Love and Mercy. It is this light that overcomes all dark forces and in the end all will be returned to the natural state of Grace and Perfection that is the dream of the Heavenly Father above.