"Falling in Love" is a very real condition because most people think they love someone when in fact it is only physical or sexual attraction, and they immediately descend into their lower bodies, thus they "fall" in love. Where God is absent, there is no love; there is only…

Realizing God


God-Realization is to know and feel your innate oneness with the Creator and for there to be no more barriers to understanding your relationship with divine love, mercy, compassion, giving of self, and true service and surrender. It is the removal of the outer…

Putting Aside the Ego


To serve GOD first means to put the self aside and do all service from the heart. It means to be unaware of yourself as you work; to be unconscious of the little ego and its need for reward and recognition. It means to love what you do so much that the love…

Serving God Through Others


To serve God first is to honor the Divinity in each soul you encounter. Recognize that they are sparks of God's love for all of life and that they reflect back to you all that YOU are, have been, and will be. Serving God first is to show kindness, respect and generosity to all those who cross your path, especially…

Serving God First


To serve GOD First is to never question His Will; obey without comment; serve in humility and grace. Follow the Word of God and you will begin to hear Him more and more clearly. Start with reading the Holy Books of God and learn from the examples of the many souls who served and died…

What is True Service?


It is only in service to GOD that a soul can know itself. Self-realization comes from GIVING TO GOD and doing the work of GOD with full focus and attention and with an open heart. Worlds upon worlds begin to reveal themselves to…

Why Does Love for God Lead to True Happiness?

Love and happiness are like bees and honey ~ happiness is the nectar of the flower of love, and it becomes honey, or real love, when it is extracted from the blossom, or heart, of GOD. All other forms of love are vanity based and self-love seeking for validation through others.  

Humility, The Road to Spiritual Greatness

Serbian or French


None come to God but by the bowing of their heads, for ITS Light is so fierce, it would burn their eyes blind. One must bow before Greatness, for only then can you be lifted up to see the…


Prayer and contemplation are like a purifying fire that lights up the SOUL. A sincere prayer is to Soul like a fire that burns weeds from a field - it leaves a clean path for fresh green grasses to grow. Prayer done the right way is a daily form of RENEWAL; it is a chance to be re-born each day as a new person and leave the old life behind. Many do not know the secret of true prayer as counsel between…

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