Finding God Within

Man in his natural state has always had the ability to move beyond the physical consciousness and to see into the true worlds of spirit. He was given a homing device by the One True Father that is part of his basic genetic code, or DNA. This is like a "golden cord" that connects soul to its Father and divine origins at all times. That cord has been seriously compromised by the religious rhetoric…

Seeing God's Face in One's Self.

Selfhood, which is a true and deep knowing that one is
eternal soul and a piece of and reflection of God, is truly
seeing God's face in your own. God is reflected in every part
of His creation, in every soul; God's manifested body
projects into all the Worlds of Unified Oneness and the
Lower Planes of Duality and manifestation. To see yourself
as Soul is to know and…

Self-Realization and Service

Self-Realization comes from giving to God, and doing the work of God, with full focus and attention and with an open heart. Worlds upon worlds begin to reveal themselves to the true servant who puts God's work first and all else second. True enlightenment will not come to those who serve themselves or serve others, for themselves. There is such a thing as "selfish service" in which the one who serves…

Contemplation versus Prayer


Contemplation differs from prayer (talking to God) or meditation (quieting the mind to listen to God) and works well alone or in conjunction with them. Contemplation is an active form of engaging the mind in activity aligned with Soul.…

The Power Within the Word "Love"


Francais (Septembre) (Octobre)


Wisdom from St. Peter, the Disciple



St. Peter the Disciple:

When Jesus said to me, "Upon this rock I shall build my Church," he was referring not to me personally, but to FAITH. The Master believed…

What is Faith in God?



What is Faith in GOD?

The tragedies of war and conflict currently at large on the world stage are testing the boundaries of our faith in God. At a time of enormous loss and bereavement, such faith is sorely tested. Many…



"Falling in Love" is a very real condition because most people think they love someone when in fact it is only physical or sexual attraction, and they immediately descend into their lower bodies, thus they "fall" in love. Where God is absent, there is no love; there is only…

Realizing God


God-Realization is to know and feel your innate oneness with the Creator and for there to be no more barriers to understanding your relationship with divine love, mercy, compassion, giving of self, and true service and surrender. It is the removal of the outer…

Putting Aside the Ego


To serve GOD first means to put the self aside and do all service from the heart. It means to be unaware of yourself as you work; to be unconscious of the little ego and its need for reward and recognition. It means to love what you do so much that the love…

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