goca Meet Gordana Levantin, Way of Truth Friend since 2008



I was born in and currently live in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I finished Elementary school in Pozarevac and the High school and Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.  I lived in Bucharest six years, Romania. I travel to Croacia, to the island Brac every summer and spend holidays with my family and friends.

 I worked as a programmer; system analyst and a project manager in IT sector.  However, since 2010 I have been retired.

I am a mother and a grandmother. 

I enjoy reading, photography, travelling, and tailoring.  Likewise, I am a curious person.  I like traveling, exploring different regions, meeting other people and learining about their customs. I like visiting great cities and museums all over the world, and I also enjoy seeing masterpieces of Renaissance artwork and archaeological sites.  For the past few years I have been traveling more with my granddaughter, Ana. When not traveling, I read books, watch movies, visit photographic galleries, and to to concerts of both classical and rock music.


Talking with Gordana



How long have you been in the Way of Truth?

Since August 2008.

Why did you join the Way of Truth?

That summer of 2008 I heard that Sri Michael was coiming to Belgrade. I didn't know anything about the Way of Truth, I only had a feeling that it could be important for me. I trusted my friends who had met Sri Michael before.

Has the Way of Truth fulfilled its promise of opening your heart?

The Way of Truth exceeded all of my expectations and thoughts that I had about heart opening and about my spiritual journey.

In what ways have the teachings of the Way of Truth helped you in your daily life?

My life flowed pretty intuitively, but without clear direction. It was not bad, but I considered my unfulfilled goals as a personal failure or as bad luck and bad destiny. Now I know what my role is in my life and in the lives of others around me, especially my family. I learned what are the best ways to give them support and how to respond to the challenges that life brings to them and to me. The truth is not as important as the commitment and perseverance we have in serving our parents, children and all the other people around us.

What do you think of the prayers and exercises offered in the writings of Michael Owens?

They have the strength to deepen our love for God and for other people, and to bring peace and balance when it is needed the most. They opened myself for, until now, unknown or forgotten worlds.

Do you have a favorite quote from the writings of Michael Owens?

"Look into your heart, you will find me there."