Become a Friend of The Way of Truth



Why Become a Friend?

Join an active spiritual community or study alone 
Signing up as a friend for The Way of Truth is a way to further accelerate your growth in opening your heart to God's Love.  If you don't wish to study alone, you can join a committed group of seekers with whom you can share common experiences and grow together.  Michael Owens has written a series of discourses directed towards seekers who join as Friends.  These discourses go further into the more profound aspects of the experience of the pursuit of God, expanding on such topics as Self and God Realization.  They are designed to further speed the seeker on his course.

An opportunity for spiritual initiations
Formally joining as a Friend also allows Mr. Owens to see which seekers are truly committed to spiritual growth.  All Friends, regardless of spiritual path, are eligible for initiations. A series of initiations are offered when sufficient commitment and service are displayed.  These initiations can be viewed as boosts along the path, speeding your progress into the Divine Heart of God.  Initiations are private and personal and not discussed with others.   There is no hierarchy of initiates in The Way of Truth.

Accelerate your spiritual growth
You may ask, "Is it necessary to join as a Friend to find God?"  Of course not.  God provides paths for all souls on this planet.

Does it speed your course back to God to be a Friend?  Absolutely.  Think of it like this, if you want to learn golf, would you start with your neighbor or would you rather study with a professional golfer?  You can learn golf from either, but your progress is likely to be much faster with someone who is an expert at golf.  Michael Owens is an expert at traveling the spiritual worlds and has brought forth an advanced path to speed seekers on their way home.

It is our hope that we will have Friends from many paths counted among our ranks, sharing in the joy of Loving and Serving God.