Suggested Donation

Truth is free; spreading the Word isn't.

Many seekers believe Truth should be free.

Truth is free, but spreading the word around the world is not. The Way of Truth is an organization dedicated to helping anyone of any culture or belief achieve spiritual growth and mastery.  God has given mankind many tools such as automobiles, airplanes and the internet to achieve this goal. Travel for leaders of The Way of Truth, website management, published materials and other expenses require your support. You aren't buying spiritual growth by donating to The Way of Truth; the love of God and an open heart can't be purchased, you will have to do the work.  However, you can help us share the tools for others around the world to experience the deeper love of God.

Registration with The Way of Truth, Inc. is based on your personal honor system.  Your offering is an open donation.  We trust you will make a yearly financial commitment commensurate with your budget and the value you receive from our works. 

Our suggested minimum yearly commitment is $60 -$200 USD for individuals and $90 -$200 USD for immediate families under the same roof.  Please consider donating at least as much as the recommended donation when you join as a Friend.