Spiritual Exercises and Prayers for Daily Life

Exercises for Spirit
The spiritual exercises are just that, exercises to strengthen your spirit. The spiritual exercises of The Way of Truth have been designed to help you have direct experiences with the Holy Spirit and with the Love of God. You will learn how to follow the gentle whisperings of Spirit. The exercises are foundation of our path; they take you beyond the world of the mind and into the world of the heart. They will give you the experiences you need to continually grow in love and awareness.

Find the Exercise Right for You
Countless exercises are contained in the books and discourses of Michael Owens. Most contain a spiritually charged mantra designed to create inner change for you when practiced regularly.

Prayers for the Heart
Mr. Owens has also written a multitude of inspired prayers that will soften even the hardest of hearts. These prayers will inspire you to seek to new levels of faith and love.

Ready to have an experience with God?
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