Selected Exercises

Welcome to the prayers and spiritual exercises of The Way of Truth. Ready to dive in?  Let your heart be your guide where to start.

First, a few words. We have chosen to use the word "God" to represent the Supreme Being behind all creation. When reading these works, feel free to substitute God, Buddha, Krishna or whatever name resonates most with you.

A good way to prepare for an exercise is to think of the most loving relationship you have ever had. It could be a parent, a friend or loved one. Feel the love that exists or existed between you. Once you have that feeling in your heart, proceed with the chosen exercise.

If you wish to explore more exercises, the writings of Michael Owens are filled with a variety of techniques. HIs book, Spiritual Comfort, is a collection of exercises taken from his writings. Check out the chapter on achieving goals and desires.

Exercises (latest added is first below):