The Beauty of Non-Power

A contemplative technique that will enhance our development of non-power in our everyday life.

It greatly amuses me that people continue to struggle with the issue of "power" because the only power anyone has in this world is power over the self! To try to exercise it over another
person is an effort in complete futility, because it will return to the sender as another bar of the prison cell they are creating for themselves. It is useless to attempt to exert one's ego in a transient world where all that is without heart and soul will melt away like ice in the sun.
And so, let us begin our contemplation in this way:
1. Imagine that your mind is a block of ice floating on a stormy sea. Say to the sea, "Be calm!" and wait until it abates into stillness.
2. Now watch as the sun blazes through parting clouds and melts the cold hardness of your mind until you are free of it and left alone with your breathing.
3. Slowly breathe in and out, and say aloud, "God, free me from myself to be one with your heart."
4. Now rest with these words and feel their reality. What do such words mean to you? Do they make sense, or do you want to argue with them?
5. If you want to argue, go back to the ice block on the sea and begin again, for the non-power cannot take hold until it is melted from your mind. This is a transitory world of Illusion, my dear
ones, do not make it more than it is and do not waste your time with futile exercises of the ego. Seek the greater power of enlightenment within you that will unite you with God's grace and mercy. Be a light unto the world - take not from your brethren, but GIVE to them all that is in your heart and soul to give. That is real -- that is TRUTH.

I leave you now with my undying love and devotion.

Messengers of God, page 24,  Siddhartha Gautama Buddha