Embrace the Challenges

A contemplative technique that will increase the intuitive and cognitive nature of the God seeker

1. With pen in hand, write your request for understanding upon the page to track and review later. Then sit with eyes lightly closed and gaze into your heart and imagine it shining and free of all previous bonds and limits.

2. Ask Dan Rin to assist and protect you. You may call upon me, if you choose.

3. Sing HU three times and then “TU-VAY-HOOM” three times.

4. Imagine standing on a mountaintop before the glory and magnificence of the Lord of all the worlds.

5. Imagine a strong yet soft and gentle light envelop your heart and open it to the whispers and secrets you wish to know. See your heart grow in size of consciousness. Send forth any fears or barriers that have kept it from being totally receptive to the calling of God.

6. Assume that you are moving in soul consciousness through all the planes until you stand in the plane in which you aim to go.

7. Feel the tenderness that Sugmad has for you, as part of Its own great self. Feel and know that what you seek is being imparted to you now and will continue to be as long as you desire and remain open to receiving. Your mind need not understand or be able to put into words the information and experiences you receive. Tell your mind that you are safe and have indeed received the answers to which you seek.

8. When your Inner experience is complete, begin writing as if you are still connected to Sugmad through the heart and let any and all impressions flow freely without restraint or censure upon the page. Write until the flow stops, then ask for more and with eyes closed, reconnect as before.

9. Continue to work back and forth between your Inner connection and open eyed writing. Allow whatever comes through to come through. If you censor and stop the flow, you will not work through your fears and limits, should they arise. Nothing is foreign or unacceptable to Sugmad upon the written page. If what comes out shocks or disturbs you, then go within and ask to be shown what it really means. You have the power to destroy the written word if you so choose, but if you are not in immediate physical danger, then allow whatever you receive from the Inner to come through. You are developing courage, sensitivity, insight, and fortitude. Continue. This exercise is for you and will develop you as much as you allow.

Blessed be.

Guardians at the Gate, pg. 171