Consciously Merging with Best-Laid Plans

Consciously Merging with Best-Laid Plans

A contemplation to learn the plan for your life

1. Imagine you are standing on a precipice gazing into a vast blue sky filled with stars. From out of the stars comes a bright sailing ship that flies through the air on invisible wings. It stops in front of you and you step onboard. The captain at the helm awaits you and can be any Spiritual Master of your choice.

2. And now you sail through the Inner realms until you see a Golden Temple of Wisdom in the far distance. As you approach it the Master of the temple comes out to greet you. This temple is Askleposis on the High Astral Plane and its Guardian is Gopal Das; this is where a section of the Best-Laid Plans of the Universe is stored and maintained. It is the section that is designated for the physical worlds.

3. Gopal takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of the building. As you step across the threshold, say this mantra three times: “OLAYVA-TU-MANA-TE.”

4. There is a holy enclave that holds a gold-crested book containing the Sacred Plans which can be viewed as a hologram. The book is on a table in front of an altar with two burning white candles on either side. There is a place to kneel in front of the book. Rest on your knees and simply ask to know the Plan for your life and how it can merge you with the plan for All Life. Ask to know your role in these holy plans of Sugmad. Stay incontemplation for as long as it feels right or until you have an answer.

Many blessings are given you this day.

Spiritual Comfort, pg. 154