Connecting to the Heart of God with use of “HU”

HU is the sacred gift from the Sugmad to the great Souls of

this universe that are ready to receive of the heart of Its

truth. It is the final key to the highest plane in the long

journey through all the lower realms of this universe and

back to the heart of God in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

For those who deeply love Spirit and truth, then HU

becomes the beacon by which their way is lit and guided

and all other actions taken to follow where it leads. To truly

love HU means to open all aspects of one’s life and love and

presence in every word that is spoken and every action that

is taken in this plane and world or any other. HU is the key

to man’s return, and for those who truly love it and make it

a part of themselves, they shall find ultimate success in

their endeavors and trials along the path.

The Sugmad chose “HU” for one very simple reason. It is

the cumulative and net sound of all other sounds,

vibrations, and frequencies combined in one and refined to

its pure essence as a master key to unlock the doors to each

and every plane. Just as a locksmith creates specific keys for

specific rooms, there are secret words and mantras to open

specific planes and secret places in the universe. Like the

master locksmith, he does create one key that is so subtle

and perfect in design it will open any door to any room in

which it is inserted. And so, “HU” is such a key and may

be used to take the wielder to any place within the universe

that he does have the merit and the ability to go.

Though the student may ask the question of why other

words are needed in addition to HU, there are very good

reasons why this must be the case. HU, though it can open

every door as needed, does guide the student in a general

way and can make specific journeys difficult or more

complicated than need be. The secret words of the

initiations do serve to identify your specific rank as Soul

when you do travel to Inner realms. And though HU could

be used to take you to the temple you do seek, without the

proper identification of your merit and your rank, you yet

may be refused the entrance you desire. As well, the secret

words relate to specific energetic pathways and gates that

are well known and traveled by others before. And this can

make the success and ease of the intention much greater

than otherwise it might be, if only the general power of HU

were used to go and seek the destination of your heart. And

so, as the student progresses on the path, one of the things

he learns is when it is best to use the word of HU on

general occasions or to manifest the Holy Spirit for

protection from dark places, and when a specific word is

used to follow a line of energy and safely and rapidly arrive

at your goal and destination.

Also was this sacred word selected and chosen for its

properties of aggregating light and transforming darkness,

for like the alchemist’s stone, it is the key to turning

spiritual lead to gold and transmuting the dross of

negativity and illusion into the heart of love and light. The

HU is the water, the universal solvent of all negativity and

pain and suffering. And so, for whatever trial is faced,

whatever challenge rendered unto Soul, HU is given by

Sugmad to light the way and open the heart to the path of

higher understanding and love and the ability to take of

proper action to guide the Soul back home.

When HU is sung, the Master frequency encoded in its

many layers is transferred and becomes a part of the

energetic bodies of man; and so, just as HU is the universal

key to all life and the common denominator of existence in

this universe, so does the student become connected to all

life when this sacred word is sung and he becomes part of it

and is, for a brief moment in time, connected to and

enmeshed in the very fabric of existence and the heart of all

life and all things. And so, HU is the key to connecting to

the heart of the universe, and this always should be

remembered when it is sung and the vistas of heaven are

opened to the student.