How to Cultivate Faith

How can you cultivate faith? Ask God for the willingness to have faith. Surrender all control to God instead of trying to control what you feel and the outcomes of your actions. Get on your knees with your face in the dust, if you must, if that is what it takes for you to surrender control. That is not necessary for everyone. Here is what is necessary: trust the process of the internal spiritual realm becoming more real than anything else. Your worldly, cultured mind may rebel, but try it anyway. Glorify God in your breath, your heartbeat, and the movement of energy in every cell in your body. See It; hear It; feel It; trust It! You must choose to glorify It. Glorify God in everything within yourself and outside of yourself, in the mysteries of the great cosmos stretching beyond the mind's ability to conceive. Glorify God in your neighbors, when the baby cries in the night, when dogs bark and awaken you before you need to rise for work, and when you deal with the lowly clerks who get paid so little and take the abuse of so many. Glorify God in every blade of grass and weed in your garden, in every cockroach and snake, even though you would kill them to be rid of them in your home. God exists in all living and nonliving things, in the consciousness therein, in the movement of the electrons and nucleus of every atom in creation. All are the essence of God. Glorify God in your prayers, in your meditations, in your walks among the pure growing things, in your spiritual exercises, in your ministry to others. Try it as an experiment for six months; watch the transformation of your attitude and your life.