Developing God Consciousness


To be aware of God is to think about God all day long and chant His Name. This was my road to God Consciousness and I share it with you. I once met a very strange man when I was traveling alone through the city of Rome long before I became Pope of the Church. This man had very light blue eyes and had the intensity of fire. He sat on a rock at the side of a road and chanted, "God, God, God," over and over again. I felt pity for him, thinking he had lost his senses and came over to see what was the matter. I was reaching into my coin pouch and he looked up at me with the most loving expression on his face. "I don't need your alms," he said gently. There was a mystery of ecstasy about him that I found irresistible. I immediately sat down beside him and proceeded to chant the name of God in unison with him. I quickly fell into a reverie and, lo and behold, my Third Eye opened in all directions so that I could see everywhere at once. A thunderous sound came from all directions and my heart felt as though it would explode out of my chest. I could barely stand the sound a moment longer, when suddenly all fell into stillness and there was only light. It was a bright and yet gentle light that beckoned like a thousand beautiful maidens singing out in love and adoration. It pulled me into its seductive embrace and cradled me like a baby, It said, "Leo, you are my son, and you will be the Lion of the Church. You must roar my name so that all will hear that I am God."

And so I leave you with this simple exercise; chant the name of God with all your heart, mind and being many times throughout the day. You may do this inwardly or out loud as the occasion permits. You do not need to find a strange man at the side of a road and chant with him. Just chant to yourself the name of God or any other name or holy word of high spiritual content. To be conscious of God is a very simple thing~say, "God!"