Facing Life’s Challenges Through a Greater Closeness to God and His Will

Here is a contemplative exercise to face life's challenges and gain greater closeness to God and Its Will.

The way to develop love, strength, and courage is to strengthen your connection to God's love. So this exercise is very simple and in line with the consciousness and teachings of St. Ignatius who believed that simplicity in all things creates a more direct path to the heart of God.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a starry night sky in your Third Eye, at the point just above and between your eyebrows.
  2. Watch the stars twinkle for a few minutes and then notice that one begins to shine more brightly than the others.
  3. Focus on that light and say this mantra three times: "E-VA-Te"  (Prounounced as "ee-vah-tay".) This mantra  means "Lead me and absorb me into your Universal Will.
  4. This mantra and above postulate is your key to greater closeness to God and greater strength of courage and conviction in your daily life challenges. You may say it aloud or to yourself throughout your day whenever you need upliftment.
  5. Blessed Be.