Below is a prayer to use when your heart is clouded by the jealousy, transgression, and animosities of those who ventured into the power of the mind, rather than the heart. Read this prayer several times to yourself in situations of needed support and inspiration, and God will lead you. And end this prayer with "God leads me; I allow Its will to be done."

My Heart is My Shield

With an open heart
The storm does subside
Things in the heart that keep us apart
Only in darkness do they reside

There is a light that does shine brightly
Also does it not provide
The greatest act that is the task
To move doubt and fear aside?

The journey is brief
And holds great relief
For those who suffer in doubt
The Doorway out in this does reside

To let God's Love live
We must forgive
With this simple act within your heart
The journey is about to start