A Glimpse of God Consciousness

A contemplative technique that will give you a glimpse of God Realization.

  1. Go into quiet contemplation and ask your spiritual teacher or God for a glimpse of God Realization.
  2. Quietly within your own heart, envision a golden white light glowing, gaining in strength and momentum, flying out in all directions with the strength and force of a mother's love for her child.
  3. Sing "HU ALAYHA" for a few moments.
  4. You are a child of God. Envision and feel the more powerful love of God, your parent, ently connecting to your heart, and as you rejoin in full consciousness, thank the God who gives you continual life for the blessings bestowed upon you each day.
  5. Bless all inside you, all outside you, as you and God merge into an infinite golden globe of universal absorption.