Sail to Guidance

"A contemplative exercise to give God seekers facilitated development in the area of their needs in life:

1. To determine what you really need at this point in your soul development, get on an imaginary beautiful sailing ship and stand at the helm. It might be like the one that took Peter Pan to Neverland. This ship contains no pirates, only angels, spiritual masters, and other souls like you, all loving and focused on achieving and maintaining Sugmad Absorption, in order to help others.

2. Ask for what you need.

3. Steer your ship toward the destination you intuit as the course needed in this moment.

4. Take turns with the Master at the helm.

5. Open your loving heart as you unfurl the ship‘s sails and soar high above distant lands and oceans.

6. As you sail the high seas, sing: HI DE HU JA VU,moderately and repeatedly. Laughter is the wind in your sails.

7. Feel the salty spray with the scent of roses.

8. Notice details.

9. Be sure to write down your experience and the answer to what you need upon your return".

Discovery of Self, Page 27, Sri Michael Owens