Bringing Harmony Into Your Life

A powerful technique and method to bring harmony and coherence into your life is to relate to all life and living creatures as if only you and God existed and all that does transpire in our reality is a conversation and dialogue between you and It, as to your learning and unfoldment and the refinement of your perception and inner abilities, for the goal in life perception is to see all in terms of balance and harmony and unity and wherever one does go to be the perfect expression of the love of God within the physical world. But to be this expression requires an eye and the ability to perceive at a refined level the fluctuations and tides of life. And so, to refine this perception and hone this keen ability, the God-seeker should, in his daily affairs and duties, always cast an eye about with the hope and the intention of seeking the manifestations of God within every person and object that comes across his path. And with time and persistence, you will truly learn to see all with open eyes and perfect vision, for the truth it represents and the voice of God unspoken within the physical realm, in perfect balance and harmony with all that It does touch and affect.