Healing Pain and Disappointment

Here is a spiritual exercise to use throughout the day that heals personal pain and emotional disappointment.

Pain and disappointment are machinations of the mind to test the mettle of the soul; they are as wisps of cloud attempting to obscure the rays of the sun. They can easily be blown away in a single breath of faith and resolve!

The next time clouds begin to weigh heavy in your heart and mind:

  • Sing HU or a sacred word three times and say this out loud to them: "GO AWAY. YOU DO NOT EXIST. MY SKY IS  OPEN AND CLEAR. MY HEART IS FREE. SO LEAVE IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HOLY. I DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOU."
  • You may also simplify this into a postulate: "My sky is open and clear. My heart is free."
  • Then imagine the clouds of pain and disappointment disappearing from your sky until it is clear and blue again. It is this simple. Try it.