"Humility is the soap that cleanses the grime of daily living and washes weaknesses and failings from the Inner bodies such as dishonesty, manipulative behavior, self-pity, disrespect, resentment, blaming, jealousy, slander, and judgmental intolerance. With humility, one can let go of an obsessive desire to control, and can soften, allow, and open gently and fully to a greater force than the mind can ordinarily conceive.

With this softening and opening and relaxing, one can breathe deeply of this Great Life Force of Allah.

One can sigh Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh laaaaahhhhh in your in breath and out breath, slow and steadily: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhlaaaaahhhhh.

One can begin to accept a much greater, vital, moment-to-moment, creative reality, pregnant with possibility, joy, patience, and loving-kindness. Humility purifies, clarifies, and respects the generosity of Allah. Humility enables one to remember Allah in every moment and thus glorify His presence.

The Messengers of God, page 78, Mohammed