A contemplative exercise with a mantra that heightens insight on areas of life’s concerns and one's life mission.

1. Write your concern or question on the top of a blank page.

2. Ask the Inner Master or God to be shown now, or within three days, what is happening in greater depth in some area of your life concerns or life mission.

3. Talk to your mind as if it were a trusted servant and ask it to go off in search of the answer. Ask aloud, on paper, and inwardly

for help and surrender to what will come.

4. After singing ―HU‖ five times, sing, ―Show me Thy ways, Lord  three times, and focus on your heart as the receptor for the answer to come through.

5. See the curtains fall apart and truth rush in on waves of love, to be revealed a little at a time.

6. Upon opening your eyes, write your impressions without mental interference.

7. For the next three days, watch for signs and intuitive images.

8. When your mind comes back to play havoc with your focus, send it off again, with love.

9. Write your impressions under your question.

10. For best results, carry paper and pen to catch more.

11. Repeat for three days; review all clues and rewrite in new words what has been revealed.

Discovery of Self, Page158