Practicing God’s Love Moment by Moment

This has been said before by others and it bears repeating: do one act of kindness in the name of love each day and this will be equivalent to practicing God's love in each given moment. No matter what the kindness or how large or small, before you do it, consciously state aloud or to yourself that you are doing it in the name of God, or another person or ideal of spiritual merit. "I do this in the name of divine love." is a good example of what to declare. For this is your spiritual intention and declaration and it will be recorded in heaven for all to witness. Do not think that your good works are not seen and duly noted, for there is nothing that you do that is outside the awareness of your Father in Heaven. He sees all and nothing is done in vain ~ everything is recorded on the scrolls of heaven. So make your mark in heaven this day, dear Brethren--go out and do the good works of your Father in His Name and you will also make a name for yourself in heaven for all eternity.