Removing Obstacles to God Consciousness

This technique is for those who are working on their God-Realization and are stuck by their own impurity.

  1. Imagine yourself in the Higher Worlds of God. Ahead of you are the falls of the Big Gold River. This river runs tumultuously among rocks and falls several miles below – it is like a big torrent. Above the river is a red sun just like what astronauts call ―a big red.
  2. Imagine that you are getting into the river where the falls start. You are the same substance with that river; you melt into it and yet maintain awareness of your own self as you now cascade over the falls. It bounces you back and forth, side to side, and all fears and impurity are washed out of you. The falling is to overcome your fears – it is a sine qua non (essential) condition to get into the superior part of the Higher Worlds.
  3. You leave the river and fly to the big, red sun and enter its heart; it welcomes you with such warmth that you turn pure gold. This is God accepting you now as the return of one of Its children; this will open the door for you to know more about God Consciousness.
  4. End the exercise with, "Blessed Be."