Making the Right Choices

Making the Right Choices
How to weigh spiritual wisdom

1. Imagine that you are sitting in a classroom and
there is a large blackboard at the front of the room.
Whenever there is a choice to make in your daily
life, see yourself going to that Inner blackboard
and writing down the question of the choice you
2. Then take an imaginary eraser and wipe out the
question. Close your Inner eyes and say this
mantra: "VO-LE-TU-SO-MA-TE" (pronounced
"voh lay too soh mah tay.") Say it three times.
3. Then open your eyes and look for the answer to
your question. If it is not immediately visible on
the blackboard, say, "Thank you for the wisdom of
my choice," and go on with your day. The right
and wisest choice will thereafter be impressed
upon your consciousness and you will simply
KNOW what to do. Blessed be to all sincere
travelers of the Light and Sound.

Spiritual Comfort, Page 246