A Prayer of Upliftment for Seekers of God

The Prayer of the Lighted Heart

Deep within the heart of man
Is a candle waiting to be lighted
By the oil of love and devotion
And the flame of forgiveness and freedom
For your candle to burn brightly,
You must go within the holy cathedral of yourself
And enter the silent chamber of your own confessional
Where God is the receiver of your secret truths
God will bear witness to the suffering
You have borne within yourself and caused to others.
Once the last word of your confession has been uttered
A lightness of spirit will prevail and
All darkness shall be banished.
Now stillness will come over you that is like the pristine air
Of the dawn just visible as a mist on the far horizon
And in which all things are possible
In the gentle solitude of the newly risen day.
In this solitude of the unburdened heart
You will find that place within yourself
Where the candle of soul awaits the fire of Self-Realization
To become the light of a thousand flames
Each divine spark of your awareness
Lights the candles of hope and desire
In the hearts of those who seek redemption and healing
From the One who bears all suffering.
To kneel at the divine altar of love and mercy
Is to free yourself from the grasp of darkness
And as you stand to raise your candle
To the fire of the Sacred Heart within
A thousand other candles rise into the air
Until there is a blaze of light so brilliant
Not one heart remains in shadows,
Not one soul stands alone
But all are illuminated and united
By the purifying fires of tolerance,
Forgiveness, hope and grace,
That burn in the heart of the Giver of all Light and Salvation.

Blessed Be.