Crown of Thorns

The Foundation of the Catholic Church
by Michael Edward Owens
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Preview Chapter 3, "St. Nicholas of Myra"

"The Catholic Saints are truly avatars of the heart, and God's gift to humanity. Like Christ, they wear the "Crown of Thorns," willing to sacrifice all they possess in God's Name... The business they took upon their shoulders was what God had commissioned them to do. History has shown us their accomplishments and their personal struggles, and what our saints had to carry to fulfill God's Best-Laid Plans. They knew that love was the goal and end of their life's purpose and lived every moment in its infinite potentiality." Michael Owens

Spiritual leader and guide to thousands of followers throughout the world, Michael Owens is founder and head of The Way of Truth, a 21st Century spiritual teaching where participants work toward the achievement of Self and God Realization.