Discovery of Self

Answers to Inquiries of the God Seeker
by Michael Edward Owens
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The journey of self discovery is one that every seeker of truth will one day undertake in response to the gentle but persistent urging's of the heart. Indeed, it is a journey that all of the world's spiritual savants, avatars, and masters have also undertaken, regardless of the religious or metaphysical teaching with which they have been historically identified.

The call to know one's self as a spiritual being is indeed a universal one, although it is uniquely answered by each individual. You are invited to continue your own path of self-discovery through the reading and study of this text, Discovery of Self, which represents that latest work of one of this century's most inspiring leaders and authors, Michael Edward Owens. No doubt you will find it to be "a great light onto your path".

Spiritual leader and guide to thousands of followers throughout the world, Michael Edward Owens is founder and head of The Way of Truth, a 21st Century spiritual teaching where participants work toward the achievement of Self and God Realization.