Guardians of the Gates of Heaven

by Michael Edward Owens
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Preview Chapter 1, "Ursula Pendragon"

Within the domain of the metaphysical works, Guardians of the Gates of Heaven represents a milestone work of unparalleled importance. It not only conveys the pre-eminent role that women have played throughout history in the unfolding of consciousness, but in the very spiritual evolution of the planet itself, it now sets the stage for what is to come. The re-emergence of the feminine energies in this physical world of manifestation will replenish, rejuvenate, nurture, and balance the Earth's consciousness. It it so far reaching as to be incomprehensible to the current state of human understanding.

Spiritual leader and guide to thousands of followers throughout the world, Michael Owens is founder and head of The Way of Truth, a 21st Century spiritual teaching where participants work toward the achievement of Self and God Realization.