Discourse Series Available

Spiritual Discourse Series for Private or Group Study
For seekers who wish to study various topics in more depth, Mr. Owens has written four sets of discourse series which include "Tears of Joy from Heaven," The Way of the Warrior Discourses,"  "The Spiritual High Road Discourses," and "The Dialogues of Yaubl Sacabi."  Each discourse series contains 6 discourses, each meant to be studied for a period of two months.  Within each of the discourses are specialized spiritual exercises to open and to expand your heart to greater and greater degrees of love.

The Book of the Beginning
Additionally, Mr. Owens has prepared "The Book of the Beginning,"  which lays the foundation for the study of the teachings of The Way of Truth. It is a three level manual that can be studied, one chapter a month, before starting the first discourse, "Tears of Joy from Heaven." The exercises within it are designed to allow you to benefit the most from the exercises in the other discourses.  However, many Friends from other paths may wish to begin with the study of  "Tears of Joy from Heaven" as their primary resource.