The Difference Between Divine and Human Love

from Messengers of God, page 18

Human love is riddled with suffering because it is attached to response and reciprocation from the object of its affection. Human love defines itself by being loved in return and often seeks to control, even in the most subtle and sub-conscious of ways, its personal relationships. Human love can be hurtful, jealous, retaliatory, and driven to commit murder. It is limited in scope, has many conditions, and is reserved for a few close ones. Divine Love is given freely and without thought of return; it is unconditional, generous, kind, and compassionate. Divine Love lays down its life for another; it is selfless and always uplifting. Divine Love does not hurt the human heart, but surpasses it. The human heart is but a starting place where true and pure love springs forth and joins with the Eternal Heart of God. Divine Love cannot be controlled, manipulated, bribed or bought; it is free from vanity and self-aggrandizement; it is as wide and limitless as the universal sky. Divine Love does not shed tears for itself but for the suffering of others. It is the mainstay of Saints and bears the crosses of the Saviors. It cannot be burned, drowned, cut or suffocated. And you will find it not in the churches of men, but in the House of the Lord God Almighty. You will find it hidden within yourself, ready to be revealed when the last vestiges of ego have been torn away and the full strength of your soul can shine forth and light the world.