Friendship and Love

from The Way of Truth Eternal, Book One, page 71

Friendship and love is an oft misunderstood and abused notion in modern times and living. True friendship and love is the heartfelt service and devotion to the happiness of another without any desire or objective for the return or gain to yourself, for love is a pure force of being and does not require compensation in any form or way for the act in which is it given. And so, to develop lifelong friendships and loving relationships with those you do have near your heart, then strive always to place yourself in the position and circumstance of the other and see what would be the thing or action that would bring happiness and joy to the other without regard for reward or recognition.

And in this way you will open the door and energetic channel for the pure love and power of God to enter in and remove of any impurities and dross that does interfere in your loving friendship or relationship with another. And too, this practice can become a way of transcendence and good progress toward the higher realms above, as you do purge of the negativity and darkness that can take root within the places in the energetic bodies that do extend and relate to others.